Friday, August 25, 2006

Jersey Logo Contest

Calling all Marmots and Friends of Woodland Creatures! The Silver Marmots Oldtimers Hockey Club (that's right, we're a club team -- wanna join the club?) is going to be one-upping their (er, our) jerseys. WE INVITE YOU TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY TO HELP US DESIGN OUR NEW JERSEYS. Or, you can just sponsor us. We prefer to keep our sponsorships of an ethical sort, so if you are a tobacco company (you personally), or if you are known to be of questionable character, we will have nothing to do with you. We are Upstanding Folk in Winnie-the-Pooh's sense of the phrase, or the Phrase. We are widely known for the quality folk we flood the ice and bench with. We will not, however, tell you about that quality, or what makes it so. We will accept your submissions for logos.
We've got a line on some killer jerseys, and I think we can expect it will affect our performance. I think we might win some games, I'm just sayin'. But we need to figure out what we look like. Should we start wearing imitation fur on our helmets? Should we have bits of dirt around our mouths? Should we practice our whistling?
As for logos, so far, if it were me (just me) I think we should go with the new logo from the T-Shirts -- featured here, above, in white -- and then have shoulder patches of the original logo -- above in red.
I also think it's time we went public with our nicknames -- putting them on our backs. So give thought to the names of your peers -- choosing one's own seems no good to me. What I'm saying is I'm ready to say good-bye to "bull dog" -- I'm much more of a Jack Russell, if dog's are to have their day. But I'm not ready for "sensei" -- so Sleepy's gonna have to think of something else. But Hammer, Cleaner, even the Pimp -- you guys are set with handles.
For you folks browsing here for the first time, know this: the Silver Marmots are a formidable hockey team. We win all of our games, in the cosmic sense of the word. We need logos that reflect that. Send them to the marmot master brad bryan at: The contest winner will receive free tickets (make that season tickets) to the Silver Marmots games. I think Bhandar or Shick might even throw in a ride in the Impala, depending on who has it that week.

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