Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Marmot Hockey for 2006-07 season

Victoria Press -- The upcoming season promises to be the best yet for the Victoria Silver Marmots Oldtimers Hockey Club. "We're a club team," says Brad Bryan, the current sensei for the team. "We've always played a special brand of hockey. Tooth-like, nibbly, tough in corners, you know."
Currently scheduled to brave their usual 10:40 pm slot at Archie Browning Arena on Tuesday nights, the Marmots are hopeful for some earlier ice that may be on the horizon. "We have contacts; we have sources; we have our ways."
When asked about potential new draft picks Kyle Shick and Kevin Bhandar, Bryan maintained an erie silence. "We're still in discussions with them. Neither one of them has expressed interest in the 1974 Impala we offer as a signing bonus, and only one of them can have it." It could be a long, cold season for the Impala, says Bryan.
Watch of upcoming posts on scheduled games, marmoteer trivia, and other friendly woodland fun.

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