Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Marmots net Ovechkin for Pacific Cup!

Associated Press - Moscow. In a news conference held in Moscow, Russia earlier today, Alexander Ovechkin announced that he would be unable to play any NHL games from January 19-21 in 2007 because he would be attending the Pacific Cup. While details are still to be confirmed, there are rumours that he may take up a position on the fourth line of the notably fierce Victoria Silver Marmots Hockey Club.
"I've always admired that team," noted Ovechkin, not one to mince words. "They embody a hockey philosophy that is truly of the future."
The news conference did turn ugly, however, when someone brought in a marmot in a cage, and Ovechkin lost control. Swinging wildly, he somehow managed to break the cage open and free the animal.
In the confusion that followed, one reporter was able to catch Ovechkin yelling, "No one cages a marmot without suffering the consequences!"
Marmot VP of Personnel, Bret "the Cleaner" Champoux, could not be reached for comment.

Be sure to catch all the action when the Marmots clear the slate at the Pacific Cup next January.

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