Tuesday, August 08, 2006

marmots, the next generation

Associated Press -- Victoria -- With stunning accuracy biologist Warren Fleenor has found that indeed not only is the Victoria Silver Marmot flourishing, there is a new generation of young marmots poised to take over the hills and rinks of Vancouver Island.
"We like what we see out there," Fleenor remarked in between shifts. "The younger generation of marmots coming up through the ranks are not those boisterous boys of yesteryear, but girls -- I have no doubt that soon the Marmots will be predominantly female, and that hockey, the main ritual in which Marmots engage, will become all girls." He points us to the offspring of a well-known alpha marmot from Victoria, Moira marmot, and says she's practically famous already.
See the story on the next generation in the Esquimalt News: http://web.bcnewsgroup.com/portals-code/list.cgi?cat=23&paper=10&id=699844
Fleenor's remarks have been backed up by the numbers witnessed by Andrew Macdonald, part of BC Hydro's team that has kept an eye, and more than eye, on marmot populations. Known to go amongst marmots and play their games, Macdonald notes that the younger generation is just a bit more haywire. "There's hope for the Marmots on Vancouver Island," Macdonald notes, looking skyward, hands together in prayer.

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