Wednesday, August 16, 2006

more kids tossing out face shields!

Reuters - Victoria. Receiving considerable attention these days in the media, face masks and face visors are quickly becoming a thing of the past among amateur hockey players.
"It's all a question of taking responsibility," noted hockey enthusiast Bret Champoux. "I mean, the more of us that protect ourselves with all this crummy equipment, the rougher and more cavalier the play gets, the higher the sticks go. I'd encourage all oldtimer hockey players to consider getting rid of their masks. Goalies too."
Asked whether he agreed with Champoux, Silver Marmot hockey player Brad Bryan said he wasn't sure. "I've just never heard the Cleaner use the word 'cavalier' before. It all comes as a bit of a shock to me. I mean, what's next, we get rid of our jocks?"
"It's all just a matter of keeping yer eye on things out there," replied Champoux when faced with the question of protection of the groin area.
It seems that the wisdom of his words was not lost on one hockey player, Bryan's 6 year old daughter Moira has taken to ditching her visor too. "Why shouldn't I?" she noted in her characteristic tone. "If it is a question of responsibility, I should be encouraged to be responsible from the beginning, no?"
Her father was not so keen, but, being open and forward-thinking he said 'what the heck.' It was a shock for this reporter to learn of Moira's exploits at a recent shinny event, locking up a record 5 goals in the first half of the game. "I would've scored more if I hadn't been hit in the mouth with that stick." Asked whether she still thought it wise to avoid wearing a visor, Moira replied "Sure -- I mean, my mouth, my missing teeth, these are beacons to hockey players everywhere. I'm guessing they'll start playing more responsible hockey. Besides, I sure could see the ice well! I've never roofed so many shots in my life!"
Deborah Curran, Moira's mother, could not be reached for comment.
A final concern, Marmot sensei Brad Bryan said there is a worry with the waste created by all these used masks. "What could we do with them?"
One suggestion, by noted goal-scorer Andrew Macdonald, was to refashion them into small cages that can be used in Vancouver Island Marmot Rescue and Recovery Operations -- and he is putting out calls for people to put together proposals on how these might be manufactured.
"The way I see it," Macdonald opined, "It's win-win. We contribute to more responsible play, we find a use for the used masks, and we save more Marmots."
Asked his opinion, sensei Bryan said, "That sounds like three wins, not two. Hammer's always mixing up the math! I think it is win-win-win."

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