Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Struggle Continues...

In case any of you thought that Don Cherry, or I for that matter, am full of it, a recent study out of Britain suggests that wearing a bike helmet may actually pose a risk. The study shows that drivers are much more careful around cyclists who do not wear a helmet -- thus TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their actions while driving. Likewise, in hockey, that beloved game that brings you to this site, sticks and rough play are generally less when everyone involved wears less protective gear. There is a modicum of protection that one would want -- but remember those days on the pond wear the only things you brought were skates and a stick? No helmets, no shin pads, no (gulp) cup. Just jeans, a toque, mits, and a warm coat. And if anyone broke the rules by slashing or raising sticks,... well, ... let's just say there are social pressures of equalization. That is: we all end up taking more responsibility for ourselves and others when we recognize that we MUST TAKE CARE. Protective gear, extra rules, better officiating: these are the classic stock responses of any societal breakdown that evidences a systematic lack of care.

Check out the thoughts of this fellow blogger on this:

It's good stuff. Let's keep this issue alive on and around the ice. Soon the Marmots will be the only team out there in jeans and toques!

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