Sunday, September 17, 2006

Victory Victoria

Victoria -- Associated Press. Well, to everyone's surprise, the Marmots are blazing out of the gates this season. With two straight wins over excellent teams, the Victoria Silver Marmots Oldtimer Club -- they are a club team -- has already doubled the number of wins of their first season. In perhaps the best game they've ever played, the Marms surged past the SOFA Kuriers in a blazing 8-4 victory. The incredible Kyle "Bucket" Shick posted his first hat trick of the season, and Alex "Tube" Solunac had a record number of shots. Teri "Rifle" Winchester showed why her namesake by rifling her glove up for a number of killer kurier shots.

In the next game the vicious Marmots trounced the Gray Leafs 6-1. Firing puck after puck at goaltender Mark Gillen, even his well-trained sweeps were no help against the eager Marmot crew. Teri was solid yet again. And, Andrew "Hammer" Macdonald nailed two goals in one of the nicests shifts in Marmot history. He, Chris "Zone" Tollefson and Bear "Bear" Pauly worked on some set plays off the faceoff -- and they worked!

Stay tuned for more Marmot action as the Marmots host the Kurier Canucks this Tuesday September 19th at 10:40 pm at Archie Browning Memorial Arena. It promises to definitely not be a repeat of the 18-2 pounding the Marms received two years ago. In fact, some say it is PAY BACK TIME.

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