Thursday, July 03, 2008

This is the year we go for the Cup

A sign of clear audacity, the Victoria Silver Marmots Oldtimers Hockey Club is going to play again this coming year.

"We will not be stopped," says the Cleaner, a behind-the-scenes manager and the de-facto coach of the team. "This is our year to make sure the other teams know that we are no longer 'endangered' or simply some kind of mutant animal-hockey player. This year other teams will think of us more like terrifying rabid animals. And we'll play a system, too. Like the Red Wings."

Not-so-de-facto coach Brad Bryan claimed that the Marmots have a whole new form for the upcoming year. "We've really overhauled our playing style. This year we're looking at more BBQs, perhaps a variety of eats. We're looking at an old bus. Some big changes that will affect every aspect of our game."

Stay tuned for schedules and events.

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