Friday, August 24, 2007

Former Marmot has shot with Salmon Kings

Victoria -- Marmot Press
Former Marmot spare Drew Davis has come into his own of late. "Things were going well for me at U-Vic, but it wasn't until I began sparing for the Marmots that I really moved my play up to the next level." While UVic will want to take credit, anyone familiar with Marmot hockey knows where Davis's success comes from.

Having had a successful season with the UVic team as captain, Davis was thinking of going to law school after graduation. That is, until a fateful game with the Marmots against the SOFA Kuriers. Davis played in the home of the Salmon Kings, the SOF Arena, and at that moment knew he just had to play there again.

"I guess you could say I was lit up," says Davis of the night the Marmots cleaned the Kuriers 7-2. "I just knew I had to go for it."

Stay tuned as Davis makes a try for the Salmon King lineup this fall.

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