Friday, April 27, 2007

Marmots 10 KM Run!

Ok Marmot Runners, here are the goods!

Let me lay some ground rules.

1. I will be running in full hockey gear, and hope you will follow my lead. Gorilla suits are also welcome.

2. Sprinting will not be tolerated, unless it is Jim Swan and he's intent on rubbing out one of the Bay Leafs (see number 6 below).

3. We should meet at Bernie and Bear's place on Powell Street at about 7:30, no later. At that time I'll pass out running chips, numbers, and shirts. I'll be sure that they've been washed so that you don't have to run in something that stinks mildly of "new shirt fungicide," or whatever they soak those things in. Of course, you are free to run in hockey gear or in your favourite, sleek running tackle. Bernie and Bear's place is on Powell between Michigan and Toronto Street in James Bay. They're half way up on the West side of the street. Head down Douglas toward the water, right on Michigan, left on Powell, second house on the right past the big parking lot.

4. I have team shirts for 7 of us, and I can lend mine to someone if they want to run in a team shirt, as I'll be wearing something else. There are also three without Marmot logos - for those registering after March 17. See numbers 1 and 3 above regarding fashion.

5. Remember, this is for fun, and how do you spell "fun"? W-I-N!

6. The Bay Leafs have officially challenged us in this, and they have 13 runners. Even though they are very nice guys, and some of them are even ok at hockey, I really don't want anyone to show mercy to any one of them.

7. Recommended for Saturday: work with the medicine ball, visualization of rubbing out Bay Leafs, plenty of ice cream.

8 More info is at:, and the map is attached.

9. The race starts at 8 AM at Southgate and Quadra.

10. Party at George's at 1 pm.

See you Sunday,
-- Brad

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