Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marmots buried in Grey Leaves

Victoria - Associate Hockey Press -- Full of piss and vinegar, the Silver Marmots cruised to the ice ready for a second victory over the Grey Leafs this season -- only to find the cagey, aged squad to be ready for a fierce battle. Within in minutes, the Marmots began the fearful whistle that signifies that they're in trouble. Grant Smith and his dad skated circles around the Marmots, combining for 6 or 7 goals, and with one goal post that was so nice that referee Barry Little simply couldn't resist calling it a goal. Members of the Grey Leafs were seen weeping at the injustice of it all, yet couldn't bring themselves to call the goal off.

"I know it hit the post," cried Head Marmot Brad Bryan. "I was standing in the crease looking like a dumb-ass when it happened."

"I saw that too," noted Mel 'Yzerwoman' Tacoma. "I mean, that Bryan stood there like a dumb-ass. I didn't see the shot."

"I saw it too," says Barry Little. "Sure, it hit the post. But damn it was a nice play! And it hit the post so squarely I simply had to call it a goal."

Bryan asked Ref Little why the post he hit earlier on a breakaway didn't count for a goal. "Well Christ Brad - you had a breakaway and you deked Gillen and still hit the post! I almost took away one of your goals for that. At least the Grey Leafs worked for that post."

Bryan still maintains that the score should have been 6-2 for the Grey Leafs. "It's a question of dignity. I mean, getting beat 7-2 is bad. 6-2 isn't as bad. And, had I scored, it would have been 6-3, giving the impression that we were in the game. Which we were."

Assistant Team Manager Bret 'the Cleaner' Champoux wasn't sure about Bryan's logic. "He had Gillen down, all he had to do was put the puck in the net. I question how badly Bryan wants the Marmots to win." The comment created considerable stir, and there are rumors that the Cleaner is positioning himself to take over management duties for the Marmots in the coming season. "In fact, Bryan may be good for the Marmots, but a guy misses a goal like that and you have to wonder. I mean, does he play with grit? When was his last penalty? At least I get in there to ensure justice."

The Marmots will have to wait until the 2007-08 season for another chance to settle the score with the Grey Leafs. During the Spring training sessions, Grey Leaf Captain Ron 'top shelf"'Dumonceaux will skate with the Marmots. "If he thinks he'll find out some of our secret plays, he's mistaken," said Bryan.

"Yeah," agreed the Cleaner.

"If the Marmots have secret plays, they sure do a good job of hiding them. I certainly didn't see them Tuesday night," replied Top Shelf Dumonceaux.

Silence from the Marmots.... Stay tuned!

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