Thursday, February 01, 2007


Seems we Marmots, while brutalizing opponents, have a hard time populating our own scrimmages and practices. Our own Magic-Man (a.k.a. Ross Nanton) sleuthed this one down for us - a real treat. Some rules for shinny -- whether you're a regular whose paid the dues or a drop-in sub. See these 10 rules for drop-in hockey. I don't actually notice anyone offending any of these - which is because this team is AWESOME!! That's right. The Marmots rock. We're more of a concept-team. If I had to add one thing to that list, it would be (yawn) that if you don't show you bring 12 nice cold cans of Lucky Lager for Herr Bulldog. Oh, that would be nice. A man can dream.

In other news, the SOFA Kuriers face the Marmots tonight, Thursday Jan. 31 at Archie Browning at 10 pm. It promises to be a killing -- as the Marmots have a tight squad lined up, with a guest appearance by one of the original Marmot founders from the summer of 2004. The one, the only, the legendary Warren "Lucky" Fleenor. A man who likes Lucky Lager perhaps only slightly more than Sensei Bull Dog, but plays as though he's never touched the stuff. "Top shelf, that's what we expect from him," says Sensei, the go-to guy regarding marmotalia.

The game promises to be especially good, as Teri "Roggie" Winchester will play her last regular season game with the Marmots tonight before heading off to play semi-pro hockey in the Shanghai ESL League. "It'll be a step up in terms of competitiveness, but with a little beer I'm sure I'll keep them hopping." We know you will, Teri!

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