Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jules Winfield hits the ice...

Victoria, AP -- The sleepy little town of Victoria is about to bear witness to an incredible hockey event, as legendary hockey coach Jules Winfield is rumoured to be hitting the ice with the Victoria Silver Marmots Hockey Club tonight at 10:40 pm at Archie Browning Sports Complex.

"We're just honoured and overjoyed that Winfield can do this for us," says Brad Bryan, current trainer for the marmots. "My job is tough; marmots are single-minded creatures, and sometimes we need that little extra toughness out there. I for one will be happy to go through the grueling drills that Winfield will dish out. All-too-happy."

Winfield's powers came to the limelight recently in a celebrated interview with Chris Chelios, where Chelios remarked on the man's humanity and the spiritual guidance that he offers young players. (See Chelios on Winfield)

"I'm confident that Winfield's general demeanor can give us the spiritual guidance we need," remarked Bret Champoux. "I for one am looking forward to the 'Inglewood Jack' drill -- and hope that trainer Bryan doesn't mind being an example."

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